Monday, December 5, 2011

egg crate framework: complete

It has actually been enjoyable doing this weird experimental build, I go into my shop and just cut and glue little pieces and I'm in the zone, low stress, just tooling around in my own little world LOL. Progress moves so slow you don't even think about it after awhile, hahaha. I plan on doing some more like this, trying some other variations on the theme which are floating around in my head.

I pretty much finished the framework, a couple pieces needed around the vent and leash plug. Next: seal the inside and apply the 'rice paper'. I have ordered some "polyspan" tissue, a tissue designed for lining dresses, it is synthetic, puncture resistant, water resistant, and very strong. It can be pulled tight with heat. It has a smooth side and a rough side, I'll apply it rough side out, to get a better bond with the fiberglass. I need nitrate dope to apply it, and the stuff is hard to find, I'll have to order some on internet.

Once the tissue is on, then artwork, and fiberglass it. My plan is one layer of 6 oz. fiberglass over the tissue, then see how strong it feels to see if I think it'll need more. After I glass the top and bottom, then I'll shape the rails. At least that's my plan. Then I'll glass the rails last. Its been a trip for sure, I bet there are over 1300 pieces in this thing.

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